God Loves, Rules And Judges The Nations!


God loves and cares for all men!  This is powerfully seen in the provision He has made for men (Psalm 104:5-23), the glorious destiny He has prepared for them (Psalm 8:3-6) and the effort He has made to save them from their sins (John 3:16).  God does sovereignly rule over and is active in the affairs of men (Psalms 47:7-8, 33:10-11).  His perfect plan was that every nation serve Him. But they all, including the black men of Africa, rebelled against Him and are under His wrath (Romans 1:18-25, 3:10-12).

In time, He chose a people to Himself called Hebrews, through whom He also brought His Son to be Savior of the world!  These also rebelled and beginning with them in 586 BC, judgment of the nations has not turned back.  In  fact,  His  judgment  will  continue  until  it  reaches  its  greatest

intensity and scope in the pouring out of His wrath upon the whole earth at the Second Coming of His Son, Jesus Christ (Revelation 6:12-17).


Main Text Only Adapted From The Tract, Does God Care About African Americans?
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